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"The Band"
All About Us


A Classic Rock ‘n’ Roll cover band
established in 2002 by guitarist and band leader, Lenny
Musso. The band’s roster has evolved over the last few
years to include its current members. Generations maintains a busy
performance schedule for nightclubs, restaurants,
private parties, and corporate affairs on Long Island,
New York City and the metro area. We also enjoy
performing at seasonal outdoor events including
outdoor nightclubs, NY State parks, beaches, carnivals
and fairs. Our musical repertoire is varied, eclectic, and
runs the gamut from rock music to adaptations of R&B
and Pop tunes from an era spanning the decades of
the 60’s thru the current hits of today.

 Whatever the venue
and crowd makeup, we perform our own unique style
of suitable, crowd-pleasing, recognizable songs that get
an audience dancing, clapping and singing along.

 Lenny Musso - Guitar and Vocals
Generation's man at the helm is Napoleonic by nature. His compact frame packs a wealth of musical experience and, when he stands on his toes, he’s almost as tall as his guitar. A Queens native, Mr. “Leonard” spent many years living in Seaford and is a well regarded member of Long Island’s South Shore music scene. This band is a culmination of Lenny’s three long years of dedication putting together a unique chemistry and a distinctive sound. Lenny truly has a “vision” for the future of Generations. Let’s just hope he can see over his amp!
Phil Richards - Lead Vocals
I Front man extraordinarily, he makes the stage his playpen and tears it up. From rock and roll to the blues and soul, he does it all. He is a fan favorite and he makes knows how to work the crowd. He has an amazing voice,  dynamic personality. e band member and a perfect addition to this evolving  group of talent.
Laura Press- Lead Vocal and Guitar 
Our new DIVA has arrived!  She’s our own secret weapon and rocks the house with her amazing vocals and musical talents. From R&B to Rock n’Roll she’s a chameleon that completes the audio illusion. Her talent and power should not be missed when she gets up there center stage.
You wouldn’t know it but she comes from the bad part of town, the wrong side of the tracks.
That’s right, she’s a spy who will get to know all your secrets. So good on the outside, but so bad on the inside, you better watch-out “cause when she sings she’ll steal you heart and soul”.. 
Jaime Diaz  - Bass and Vocals
Jamie Diaz is a multi-talented musician and performer. Although intrinsically involved in the New York City music scene, he welcomes performing nationally and enjoys life on the road. An accomplished singer and bass player, this consummate professional’s varied activities include songwriting, laying down studio tracks, and performing many genres of music from Rock to Reggae, Latin to Jazz. Jamie’s professional passion and musical ability have earned him respect among his peers and keep him in demand for many projects. It’s a good thing for us that he enjoys his good friends, the social potential of many of our performance venues, and the energy of Classic Rock n Roll as performed by Generations
Mike Marks - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Mike Marks, a street kid from Brooklyn, first picked up the guitar in his early teens! Learning from mentors who went on to become world-class musicians, Mike finally broke through after 15 years with his band, Rockaway. His first album on a major label had him touring overseas with a hit record in Scandinavia. But stardom was not to be and he soon gave up Rock n Roll on the road in favor of settling down. Now, after 20 years, his talent still remains and his desire hasn’t died. So Mike is back, showing that he still has what it takes to be a star! And, he finally has a reason to wear all those fancy guitar shirts he owns.
Johnny Young - Keyboard and Vocals

Who is that man behind the Foster Grants? Beneath that fedora and mop top is Johnny Young, singer, keyboard player and musician elite whose energy and dynamic playing style energizes performances and excites audiences! And who, disguised as Clark Kent… has joined or formed countless rock, jazz, alternative, and blues bands, including The Mick Taylor Band, The Artimus Pyle Band and Johnny Young (a band coincidently named after its founder). He has toured the US, Canada, Europe and Japan either headlining or opening for the likes of Spacehog, Moke, UFO, John Mayall, and countless others. Johnny also has two Just Plain Folks awards for best hard rock band and best hard rock song. An Emmy award winning composer, his music has been heard on film, television networks and TV shows including Geraldo Rivera (a dubious distinction). Blind since the age of 17, Johnny Young is an unstoppable musician with an impressive musical resume. Who knew?!? We hired him because he had a van!

Rich Zukor - Drums and Vocals
Rich came into the world and immediately started banging away on anything he could get his hands on. After his family settled in Malverne, Long Island, Rich began his career making beautiful percussive noises and hasn’t stopped since.
Since receiving a Masters degree from Manhattan School of Music he has relentlessly performed and toured the world over with various musical artists of nearly every style.
Rich’s credits include Tommy Emmanuel, Liza Minelli, Bob Malone, Rex Reed, Juliet Koka, Frank Vignola, Jane Monheit, Dem Brooklyn Bums, The New York Citizens, Dave’s True Story, Max Roach, Fareed Haque, Janis Siegel, Bucky Pizzarelli, Robinella, Menopause The Musical as well as countless others.
He has played on over 50 recordings and his drumming can be heard on TV shows such as Jersey Shore.
A Rock and Roller at heart, he is looking forward to driving the good times as Generation’s newest compatriot.
When not playing, recording and touring, Rich enjoys not playing, not recording and not touring and fills his time with eating meat, watching TV and sleeping. A true Rock and Roller!
Ed Canova - Bass and Vocals
Great Bass man who plays with us on occasion filling in the Gaps that we might leave behind driving a solid beat and moves the audience. A dynamic individual that keeps the Band Rocking